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Haag’s Research & Testing Lab is Now Accredited by IAS for Product Testing!


Haag Engineering is proud to announce its Research & Testing lab earned International Accreditation Service (IAS) certification for product testing. 

Haag's accreditation opens the way for expanded testing services--including a newly approved, first-of-its-kind desaturation test procedure created by Haag. Our testing services are available to product and material manufacturers, attorneys, insurance companies, and many others. 

Haag Research & Testing is now accredited to perform: 

  • Ice ball impacting
  • Steel ball dropping
  • Wind simulator testing
  • Pressure chamber testing
  • Large and small missile impacting
  • Dark oven testing
  • Water column leak testing
  • Desaturation testing 

Our tests are performed in compliance with UL, FM, ASTM, and other testing standards (view a complete list of testing standards).

Haag Research & Testing is now the only lab with an accredited asphalt roofing desaturation testing protocol. Desaturation is the process of extracting the reinforcements from bitumen containing roofing, allowing the reinforcement to be fully examined. Carefully examining the reinforcement of asphalt roofing to determine if a fracture (damage) is present can be critical to insurance companies, property owners, or attorneys, given the uncertainty, disputes and/or litigation that may be involved.

As a newly accredited lab, we have the availability to complete your project efficiently. And, as a lab which has been testing products and materials since 1963, we have the expertise and resources to precisely and accurately perform testing. Submit testing assignments here.

See our Research & Testing lab in action here.

Check out Haag's YouTube Channel for more videos of testing in action.

**View the full Press Release here.

**View a complete list of accredited testing standards here.  

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